Friday, October 21, 2005

Conservative Group Creates Anti-Ann Coulter Documentary. They Say She is a "Fake Conservative"

From Brad Blog:
While the recent nomination of Hariet Miers for the Supreme Court by George W. Bush may have revealed more than a few cracks in the usually lockstepped Conservative Movement in America, Daniel Borchers has been calling out "fake Conservativism" -- as we refer here at The BRAD BLOG to those who use the tenets of the true Conservative Movement merely for cynical, opportunistic political gain -- for years.

Borchers' organization, Citizens for Principled Conservatism (CPC) is currently in-production of a documentary named The Truth About Ann which aims squarely at political and religious hypocrisy of Rightwing commentator and author, Ann Coulter.

As well, Borchers has created and released exclusively to BRAD BLOG, a PowerPoint presentation entitled "The Gospel of Ann".

The presentation, which we've converted into downloadable streaming video, excoriates the controversial Coulter's religious opportunism. It was inspired, according to Borchers, "by Ann Coulter's 'jaw-dropping' expression of faith in God, a faith which otherwise seems so empty in everything Coulter does."

Indeed, Coulter's "faith" may be as empty and phony as her self-proclaimed "conservative" beliefs. The presentation points out the recent TIME Magazine profile of Coulter which implies that she is a member of Redeemer Presbyterian, an evangelical Christian church in New York, and yet the ministry at the church never seems to have heard of her!

The Redeemer church, "whose non-political stance is well-known, disavows all hateful and hostile speech," according to Borchers' presentation, had to "Google" her name to figure out who she was! Apparently Coulter is not a member of that church at all!

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I think Coulter is just one of many examples of the false piety of the modern Republican Party. They love to use their "faith" as a weapon againsit their opponents -- divide the electorate into "Republican people of faith" vs. "godless, athiest, liberals." I find it rather disgusting the way the GOP has used religion for its political gain, while subscribing to virtually none of the tenets of the faith they claim to hold so dearly. Ann Coulter is not nearly as guilty of this particular offense as folks like Pat Robertson, Tony Perkins, James Dobson, and Jerry Falwell. Coulter is among the group of right-wingers that have no use for religious people except to get them to vote for their candidate. Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly all claim to be people of "uber-faith" yet no one seems to see them going to a church or synagogue except for a photo op! I have no idea if the Citizens for Principled Conservatism (CPC) has any followers or clout in the GOP, but I will help their cause on this one!

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