Friday, October 14, 2005

Bush Worshippers Try (in vain) To Change the Subject

With all of the scandals and problems engufling the Republican Party and the Bush Administration (Treasongate, Delay's Texas shenanigans, Frist's illegal stock sale, Hurricane Katrina, Croneyism, Jack Abramoff, the entire Iraq War) it is quite shocking to see how silent the right wing blogs have been on this subject. A few months ago, the right was busy pounding away on their keyboards denying that any of these scandals amounted to anything. They employed their usual tactic of claiming the big, bad, "liberal" media was out to get the honorable, hardworking, and oh-so full of faith Republican party. Obviously, this was bullshit, but the right likes to pull the "media card" whenever their corruption catches up to them. This happened to coincide with the media getting its annual backbone injection (they missed their appointments in 2002 and 2003).

I read some right wing blogs occasionally to see how the other side is attempting to spin the latest croneyism allegations, or how they pathetically attempt to make the disaster in Iraq out to be the greatest strategic victory since America's Revolutionary War. The right will believe anything said by the White House without verification. They just turn around and repeat it. Worse than that, they get so freakin' angry if you try to confront their spin with actual facts. Well, I have noticed lately that the right wing blogosphere is completely ignoring all of the scandals. They are just putting their collective heads in the sand and pretending that nothing is wrong. One right wing blog I read (and comment on occasionally) is called Blonde Sagacity, and the blog's author, Ala, has taken it upon herself to resurrect the Swift Boat guys!? Apparently there is still someone on planet earth that thinks these guys have a shred of integrity left, and she is going to continue to help them spread their slander against John Kerry -- who lost the election (I know the right-wingers love that fact) and is not putting himself in the spotlight anymore. C'mon, you can't just invent a Democratic scandal because you don't like facing up to the fact that your heroes, GW and his croneys, are going down in flames. I thought you were better than that.

There is not a single mention anywhere on the blog's front page of any of the scandals that are dogging the GOP. Not even a mention of the fact that the President's #1 political advisor is testifying for a fourth time in front of a grand jury investigating whether or not the White House violated US National Security by intentionally leaking the name of an undercover CIA agent. Nothing! Nada! Not even the usual, scripted right-wing denials! This blog is just one example of how the right is pretending that everything is just hunky dory in GOP land. None of the major conservative blogs, newspapers, or commentators are saying anything about any of it. It is the most perfect example of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" that I have ever witnessed.

People are free to write about whatever they want to -- that is the purpose of a blog. But, could it be merely a coincidence that every single right-wing media outlet/blog etc. has taken to changing the subject. See for your self, check out Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, or Neal Boortz as examples. These guys made up their own scandals to combat what's really going on. Malkin has something about Mike Wallace and Boortz is talking about some tax proposal in Tennessee that Democrats oppose and Republicans love. Whoa. What a story!

Anyone have any thoughts on this new tactic? Save your breath if you're going to say that you're "waiting untill all the facts come in" or that you don't want to comment on an "ongoing investigation." That is the White House's bullshit line, come up with one of your own.

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