Saturday, October 1, 2005

Bill Bennett Adds Fuel to the Fire and DEFENDS His Statements

For some inexplicable reason the right has chosen to vigorously defend Bill Bennett's outrgeous claim that if 'every black baby was aborted our crime rate would go down.' Rather than say something like, "You know, I was trying to make a larger point, and in doing so I made a horrible analogy that I didn't mean. I am sorry to whoever I offended," Bennett and his surrogates in the right-wing media and blogosphere have defended the statements. And guess what, they are blaming Democrats for the whole thing (what's new).

On Hannity & Colmes, Mr. Bennett claimed that his wife's anti-abortion club, "...has done more for inner city black girls than the entire black caucus. So I will not bow my head to any of these people." These people? Who? Black people? Dude, do you need another shovel for that hole you'e digging? He then went on to bash some prominent Democrats in the Senate. "He [Kennedy] should make no judgments at all about people. He shouldn't be in the Senate. As far as racist and all this other stuff, I'll put my record up with Howard Dean, with Harry Reid." Why can no one in the Republican party accept responsibility for their own actions?! Trying to pin your statements on Democrats is pathetic.

On his Septmber 30 radio show, Rush Limbaugh said that Bennett "should have been applauded" for his statement. Conservative rags like Weekly Standard, National Review, and Wall Street Journal have all defended Bennett's statement and said no apology is necessary.

Check out Media Matters for America to get even more examples of this. The right hates Media Matters because they are so effective. If you would like to contact the distributor of Bennett's show (Salem Radio Networks) and voice your disgust, check here for the contact information.

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