Sunday, September 25, 2005

Uh-Oh. My New Obsession: 24

Even though I already watch enough television, I have recently found time in my viewing schedule for a new "favorite show". to me anyway. I am hooked on '24.' It recently began airing on A&E, and I caught the first episode of Season One. I missed the boat on this show when it premiered a few years ago. I am sorry for that. But, the advantage to getting into a show later is that the older episodes are on DVD. The A&E schedule was too slow (only four episodes a week), so I went ahead and rented all of the first season. I just completed it this morning! Fucking awesome.

I think I initially ignored this show because I was under the assumption that I hated Kiefer Sutherland. I guess I don't because I'm completely obsessed with this show, and he is the main character. I also missed out on Elisha Cuthbert -- I'll have to make up for that somehow. Dennis Haysbert, who plays David Palmer, is a great presidential candidate (so much more impressive as a work of fiction than our actual President). I'm hooked I tell ya. I have already rented the first twelve episodes of Season Two....

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