Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Right-Wing Hypocrisy #5234...Secretly Recorded Tapes

New York's Republican Governor is all up-in-arms over some secretly recorded tapes of phone calls between himself, his wife, and his top political aides. The tapes were anonymously sent to the NY Post who subsequently posted a transcription. The tapes don't reveal any seriously scandalous tidbits (but there could be lots more tapes to come in the future), but they do show Pataki berating his aide, using his office to land important jobs for his supporters, and not being quite the squeaky-clean guy he appears to be. His wife ends up looking like a megalomaniac -- bitching about her lack of press coverage and pointing out how "photogenic" she is. Pataki is calling for a federal investigation into the source of the tapes, claiming laws have been broken and his privacy has been violated. Boo-fucking-hoo. Did Governor Pataki question the legality, ethics, or privacy concerns regarding the tapes of Monica Lewinsky? No, of course not. If he did, he would be consistent. But, he is a Republican elected official, so he will be a hypocrite and whine about his rights being violated while celebrating the violation of others' rights. Typical.

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