Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Photos George Bush Does Not Want You To See

Salon Magazine has just posted a shocking photo essay of Bush's war in Iraq. The photos are quite graphic. Despite all the right-wing pundits and bloggers' claims that Baghdad is no more dangerous than, say, Houston (a claim made by Tom DeLay), these photos will give you a glimpse of the reality on the ground. The right does not want people to see or read the truth about what is going on there, but thankfully, we still have a 1st Amendment (though I hear DeLay is looking into making exclusions for Democrats). The article that accompanies the pics is for Salon subscribers, but the photo essay is free to the public. I have only chosen to display one photo on my site (the one of injured soldiers waiting in a cargo plane to go to the hospital), and it is the least graphic by far. Click here to see the essay.

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