Friday, August 5, 2005

"This is Bullshit!" How Dare You Challenge Bob Novak's Credibility!

I'm assuming you all saw right-wing icon Bob Novak freak out, storm off the set and say "This is bullshit" yesterday on CNN. It was quite hilarious. Novak and James Carville began talking about Kathryn Harris' run for Senate in Florida. The subject of Harris' paranoid delusion that photos of her in newspapers are being doctored to make her look like Cruella DeVille came up, and Novak claimed that this happened to him also. He could not cite a single newspaper that has done this to either him or Harris, yet he insisted this was common. When Carville made an offhand remark about Novak needing to "look tough" in front of right-wing editorial page editors, Novak got all huffy, grabbed his toys, and went home to Mommy.

The right is spinning the event to be all about James Carville's "rudeness." Carville talked over Novak, and this unacceptable behavior caused the "prince of darkness" to be insulted, and therefore he had to leave. Have these right-wingers ever watched Hannity & Colmes or O'Reilly Factor? Those guys talk over eachother all the time (especially when an articulate liberal is a guest) and often scream at the guests. This was about one thing...Traitorgate (aka CIA leak scandal). Novak knew the question was coming, and since he either sold out his friends in the administration (by telling the truth to the grand jury), OR he perjured himself, he does not want to publicly comment on the story unless he has total control of the situation (i.e. in his column). There are also reports that Novak's anger was not directed at Carville, but towards CNN's Ed Henry. Off camera, Henry had pulled out a copy of the "Who's Who" book that Novak claimed he used to find out about Valerie Plame-Wilson. He was on the verge of exposing Novak as a liar, when Novak stormed off the stage. Novak is clearly feeling the heat, and his episode yesterday showed how much the stress is getting to him. I hope his good buddy Karl Rove is just as stressed out. Since Rove has no conscience or soul, that is unlikely. For their part, CNN has told Novak to "take some time off" and suspended him "indefinitely." Hopefully, this will be end of his career. If you haven't yet seen Novak's meltdown, click here or the screenshot to view the clip.

We have a number of birthdays for August 5, and the first one is Beastie Boy Adam "MCA" Yauch. I have been a Beastie fan since the mid 80s when they first came on the scene. I have loved their evolution from drunk frat guys to intellectual, hip-hop elder statesmen. Yauch is 41 today.Next up is a girl I'm sure we all had a crush on as a kid. Maureen McCormick, better known as "Marsha Brady" from the Brady Bunch, turns 49 today. 49!! Wow, hard to believe she's that old. The world still sees her as a teenager everyday on television, so she will forever be frozen at that age for most people.Loni Anderson probably wishes she was frozen in time herself. She was quite the babe on WKRP in Cincinnatti back in the 70s. Unfortunately, most of us know what she looks like now. She is 59 today.The last birthday for today belongs to an international legend. Everyone the world over knows Neil Armstrong as the first man on the moon. This legendary astronaut has been an inspiration for countless numbers of kids and adults. There will never be another first like his! He turns 75 today.

The Wide World of Politics
  • (AP) Cunningham Leaving After Years of Deals. Well, that's one way of looking at it. Congressman Randy "Duke" "Duke-stir" Cunningham (R-CA) has announced he is not running for re-election. "Duke" is on the House's intelligence and appropriations committees. So why is he not running again? He is under investigation by a grand jury for accepting a $700K bribe from a defense contractor named Mitchell Wade. Wade purchased Cunningham's California home for $700K over its market value, and has allowed him to live on his luxury yacht in DC rent-free (he named the boat "Duke-stir"). Cunningham, of course, denies any wrongdoing. Funny how since this bribe, Wade's little known defense contracting company has tripled its contracts with the government! "Duke" is also being investigated for roughly the same thing with another contractor located in San Diego (his home district). One down...about 100 or so more to go!
Mr. and Mrs. "Duke" Cunningham announce that the gravy train has ended. Their corrupt reign in Washington is coming to an end. Is jail time in one of their futures? Better watch your cornhole, buddy!
  • (AP) GOP: Don't Name DC Street for Reagan. Is there anything that the Republicans don't want named after Ronald Reagan? What the fuck is so great about him? I have no idea (said in the voice of a typical partisan Republican, "uhhh...but he ended the Cold War!" Bullshit. That is a GOP myth. The Soviets were in decline since the 1960s, Reagan was just there when it happened). Well, there is one thing that the GOP doesn't want to name after The Gipper -- 16th Street in Washington, DC. A Texas Republican has introduced legislation to rename the street "Ronald Reagan Boulevard," but others in the GOP are threatening to block the bill. Tom Davis (R-VA) who chairs the committee that oversees DC said the idea is "ridiculous" and suggested the Texas congressman name something after Reagan in his own district. I wouldn't rule out this happening anyway. The city's mayor said it would cost apprx. $1 million to change the name and all the signs. Hell, the Republicans spend a million of our dollars every morning before breakfast!
  • (USA Today) AP Poll: Approval of Bush's handling of Iraq reaches low point. Now only 38% of Americans think Bush is handling the situation in Iraq correctly, and less than half of all Americans think Bush is honest. My favorite statistic is that 56% of Americans view Bush's "confidence" as arrogance. Welcome to the party America! 'Bout time you figured this guy out!
I'm sure that you know by now that the Jessica Simpson movie, Dukes of Hazzard, is opening today. She is obviously the only reason to see the movie. The show was dumb as fuck back in the 70s, and I'm certain the movie will be equally as stupid. Ben Jones, who played "Cooter" on the TV show has tried to get his fans (both of them) not to go to the movie. I don't think his campaign will have much of an effect. Jessica Simpson in daisy duke shorts vs. Cooter? I'd vote for the shorts. Sorry Cooter...Since Mike Tyson can't box professionally any longer, what do you think he could fall back on? If you thought PORN, you'd be right. Tyson is claiming that representatives from porn queen Jenna Jameson's company have talked to him about starring in a porn film. Porn fans know that the reason people buy porn is for the girls. No one cares who the guys are (except in gay porn), so I don't think Tyson can earn enough to pay off his $12 million debt to the IRS. Maybe "Iron Mike" can try gay porn. I bet someone would give him whatever he wants to do that...Grunge rock pioneers Mudhoney are back in the studio making a new album. These veterans will be releasing the follow-up to 2002's underrated Now We Are Translucent in early 2006 on Sub Pop Records. I actually like Mudhoney more now than I did during their early 90s heyday. They make really excellent records, and their live show is still delivers the goods...Rhino Video will be releasing the DVD Pixies Sell Out on September 20. The DVD will feature live performances from the band's reunion tour of 2004. It will feature 27 songs and runs nearly 3 hours with the bonus footage...From the "how much of a stupid scumbag do you have to be" file comes the story of a man who molested a sleeping woman on a plane. It's true. This idiot, Deepak Jahagirdar, reached his hand underneath the blanket and into the pants of a woman sitting next to him on the plane. I guess he figured she wouldn't notice since she was asleep, but she did. She ran to the back of the plane where some off-duty Secret Service agents were sitting. The molester was detained and arrested once the plane landed. Before the police got to him, he did try to make a run for it but he was caught...

Today on 'The Factor' we have porn cutie Chloe Jones. This Texas girl took the porn world by storm when she first emerged on the scene. Sadly, she died of liver failure last June just a few weeks before her 30th birthday. She is also rumored to be the girl Charlie Sheen cheated on his wife, Denise Richards, with while Richards was pregnant. To see the rest of her pictures, click here.

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