Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Talking Points! Get Your GOP Talking Points on Joseph Wilson! Talking Points!

Apparently, George W. Bush has decided to make himself a liar by ignoring calls to fire Karl Rove for leaking the identity of a C.I.A. operative. Despite his stating that if anyone in his administration was responsible for the leak that person would be fired, Bush has ordered the Republican National Committee to launch a full-fledged assault on...Joseph Wilson? That's right, the GOP has decided to ignore the (probably) illegal and (definitely) unethical disclosure of a C.I.A. operative's identity for political retribution, and instead try to smear Joseph Wilson. This is a concerted effort that begins at the White House, moves to the RNC, then to the right-wing blogs and talk radio shows, and finally to the media.

Just remember one thing...Joseph Wilson was right. That's what makes the right so angry. There was no Iraqi attempt to buy yellow cake from Niger. There was no re-constituted Iraqi nuclear program. That's what Joe Wilson said. Conervatives never let the facts get in the way of their opinions, so they don't appreciate it when facts might prevent them from living out their fantasies. Wilson dared to speak the truth and he has been getting pummelled by the right for doing so. It is obvious that the GOP cares more about its own power and control than they care about the safety of the American people.

Here are the GOP talking points straight from the RNC. As you will be able to tell, RNC chairman Ken Mehlman has already been testing them out in his recent appearances on CNN and he Sunday shows.
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