Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday Monday...Is a Lame Song

  • The Right-wing begins to eat its own. The conservative activists in America are going into extra crazy mode in their campaign to destroy the man they propped up just a few months ago. One right-wing source has donated over $1 million to stop Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez from being nominated to the Supreme Court. Now, when the Democrats opposed Gonzalez earlier this year when he was nominated to be Attorney General, the right said they were racist for opposing a Hispanic candidate. So, are all you right-wingers racists for opposing him now?
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club announce fall tour dates. The band's new album, Howl, will be out August 23. The tour begins in September in San Francisco.
  • Flaming Lips to appear on tribute to Queen CD. The Lips will be doing "Bohemian Rhapsody" and will be appearing alongside Sum 41, Rooney, and many other artists. I saw The Flaming Lips do the Queen song "Under Pressure" with the guys from The Frogs at Lollapalooza back in the 90s. One of the greatest performances I have ever seen!
  • Classy gallery (by Dark Stuff standards) of model Aimee Sweet.

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