Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Light Another Cigarette and Settle Your Mind

Hey there. Haven't been posting too much lately which is weird since I have so much more free time (isn't irony great?). I think I am going to experiment with some different types of postings on the blog. I am going to try doing just one posting per day for a while. It will be a mammoth one, so don't feel like you're getting cheated! I don't exactly have "breaking news" on the site, so if you read the article earlier or later...What's the difference? I'm going to try this out for a bit and see how it works out.

You say it's your birthday?
I have been very lax on my celebrity/pornstar birthdays. So, let's do a quick catch up for the last few days.Let's begin with last Saturday, the 23rd, and this woman, Monica Lewinsky. While Jenna Jameson may dispute this, Lewinsky is easily the world's most famous cocksucker. Monica is 32 now, and is apparently still having trouble living down her infamy from the Clinton mess in the 90s. Poor girl.The 23rd was also guitarist Slash's 40th birthday. I love Slash. If you can't appreciate Guns N Roses' Appetite For Destruction for the brilliant album that it is, then you just don't like rock. The band should have ended after that one album and they'd be like the Sex Pistols. One awesome album, a great legend, and the big "what if" factor to their legacy. But, we all know they didn't end there. I'm not much into Velvet Revolver either.Then comes radio curmudgeon Don Imus, who turned 65 last Saturday. Since I didn't grow up in New York, I didn't grow up with Imus. Mostly knew about him from how much Howard Stern hated him. His show is decent, and now that he is on MSNBC, I get to see him all the time. Still, I don't watch as much as when he had Contessa Brewer as his newsgirl.On to Sunday, the 24th. First up is the most talked about new girl in the porn world, Teagan Presley. Teagan turned 20, which marked her second anniversary in the adult biz. The girl has quite a future!Former porn "it girl" Gauge celebrated her 24th birthday as well. Gauge may look young, but she is actually a 5 year veteran of the "biz." No idea how long she can keep up with the younger talent...I don't know how Lynda Carter keeps up these days, but my memories of her will always have her looking amazing. Shit, she was probably the first female I ever noticed (if you know what I mean) when I was but a young boy. Hard to believe she is now 54. Where has the time gone?Sharing Wonder Woman's birthday is another actor who will probably always be known more by his character's name than his own -- Michael Richards aka "Kramer". Richards is now 56. Jennifer Lopez also had a birthday, but she sucks, so I didn't want to give her any extra attention. Now that it has been revealed that her record label bribed radio stations to play her songs, I hope anyone that thought her music was decent will wise up and see how much you have been manipulated. She was never a good singer. She has a nice ass. That's all she's got. The 25th bring us to another major porn girl celebrating her birthday (there were so many born around the same time, wonder if that means something).This time it's Tera Patrick. At 29, Tera is practically a senior citizen in adult film. Well, she still looks great, so more power to her!Former Friends and current Joey star Matt LeBlanc is now 38. I'm not too cool to admit that I watched Friends when it was on, and I actually like Joey. I won't go so far as saying LeBlanc is a good actor, but I like him as "Joey Tribbiani", and probably will continue to watch him in that role for as long he plays it.First up for today, the 26th, is Sandra Bullock. Not sure what it is about her, but I just like Sandra Bullock. She reminds me of a girl I used to go out with, so that's probably the main reason. It sure wasn't Speed 2. Sandra turns 41 today.Kevin Spacey doesn't remind me of anyone, but apparently I remind some people of him. I actually got mistaken for him once in an airport, but I think that person needed new glasses! Spacey is great in every movie he is in, but man, The Usual Suspects was great. Mr. Spacey is 46 today.Rock legend Mick Jagger is the last birthday for today. You simply cannot be a rock n roll fan if you don't like the Rolling Stones. Though they should have retired after 1981s Tattoo You album, you can't blame the band for continuing. People keep throwing obscene amounts of money at them to go on the road again. What is an aging rock star supposed to do? Mick turns 62 today.

The Wide World of Politics

  • With the CIA leak case picking up steam, the GOP is sinking to an absolute low in their reaction to this scandal. Rather than be concerned that a potentially valuable CIA operative (that specialized in WMD no less) had her identity leaked, Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) is holding hearings to see if maybe the definition of "undercover" is too broad. Too broad?! Are you fucking kidding me!? Roberts, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, wants the definition to conform to his personal views, not that of the CIA itself. Apparently, no Republican on any committee has the integrity to hold a hearing on this matter of national security. Instead they would rather play politics and continue to "attack the messenger" by holding hearings on whether the definition of "undercover" will ultimately cover Valerie Wilson. The real scandal is clearly how the GOP is so fundamentally corrupt and power-mad that they want to destroy anyone who speaks out against them. I'm waiting for the knock on my door from the GOP brownshirts.
  • Barbara Bush visits Omaha today. The former First Lady and mother of the current President is visiting my fair city to support the Durham Western Heritage Museum. She is appearing along with the "First Ladies, Political and Public Image" exhibit. I have no real problem with Barbara Bush. Her son and husband, though, I have major issues with!
  • Raw Story has some excerpts from an article in today's Wall St. Journal about Bush aide and long-time supporter Stuart Bowen who is highly critical of the Bush Administration's handling of post-war Iraq. Bowen, an attorney who worked on Bush's Florida re-count team and as WH counselor under Alberto Gonzalez, details the mismanagement, incompetence, and outright graft going on in the "re-constructing" of Iraq. Billions of dollars are unaccounted for, and no one is being held responsible. In one incident, an Iraqi ministry inflated its payroll numbers to receive extra US taxpayer dollars. The ministry billed America for salaries for over 8,200 guards when only 600 actually worked there. And the stuff on Halliburton will make you sick! There is a link to the entire article, but WSJ is a pay site.
  • Rick Santorum (R-PA) rules out a presidential run in 2008. Too bad. With that nutjob running for President, the Democrats' numbers would be through the roof. We'd have people flocking to get away from that lunatic. He says he's not going to run due to family concerns, but I think he is having money problems because it looks like he may lose his bid for re-election to the Senate in 2006.
I gotta say I love this story about the woman who got tons of free stuff by pretending to be Jessica Simpson's assistant. I think it's brilliant. This woman, Courtney Handel, was able to scam companies into giving her free stuff just by saying she was Jessica's assistant. If she hadn't had the stuff sent to her own house, she might have gotten away with it. Did you hear that I am Tom Cruise's new assistant? He really likes Polk speakers, so if you'd be so kind as to send me..er, him, a free pair.....A new video from Supergrass is online here. The song, "St. Petersburg," is from the band's forthcoming Road To Ruen album. I'll tell ya, these guys should have been the British pop band to make it here, not Oasis. These guys put them to shame...Reuters has a great interview with Bob Mould. He is essentially plugging his new album, Body of Song, and discussing his upcoming tour, but what I found interesting is that he started his blog as a way to get through writers block. It worked for him, and his songs started flowing again after blogging for a few months....A live DVD of The Police is finally being released! Universal Video is releasing The Police - Synchronicity Concert on September 5. The show was filmed in 1984 on the band's final tour at the band's actual last show. There is also bonus footage shot in 1983 that features multiple angles. Sounds pretty fucking cool. The Police were just "one of those bands." They were just so excellent...

I haven't spent a lot of time writing about it, but The 4400 is rapidly becoming one of my favorite shows on TV. Last Sunday's episode, 'Carrier,' had a great guest appearance by Sherilyn Fenn. Fenn played a "returnee" who grew spores on her hands that released a deadly toxin when she was nervous or stressed. It killed anyone near her. Quite a departure from when I first noticed Fenn back in the 1980s when she played "Audrey Horn" on 'Twin Peaks.' She was certainly no sex symbol in this show! While it wasn't really explained why she was "altered" in this manner when she was abducted, she (Fenn) told Agent Baldwin that she thinks she was supposed to "purify humanity." Maybe she could start in the red states (kidding). The rest of the show is moving along brilliantly. With Jordan Collier dead (supposedly), a new associate of his comes to the 4400 Center to help run things. Clearly the new guy, Ross, has his own agenda. As does April, who convinces Maia to use her clairvoyance to help her gamble. Maia asks her aunt if she really likes her or just likes her because she can tell her things (like who will win the big game), and then decides to test out the answer. If you haven't seen this show, start watching it immediately! USA Network frequently runs marathons on the weekends so the uninitiated can see the old episodes and get caught up.

Today's Song of the day: "Bells" by Electrelane. I got this CD as a promo for my radio show and was completely blown away. The band bears a strong resemblance to early Stereolab (fuzzed out music underneath very pretty vocals), which makes sense because they are on Stereolab's old label, Too Pure. The song comes from the band's newest CD Axes which can be purchased here.

Today on 'The Factor' we have Playboy cyber girl Amy Sue Cooper. To see more of her click here for an entire gallery.

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