Monday, July 4, 2005

Hope You're Having a Better 4th Than Me

It has finally come to a point where I think I have to get a new job. Though I like my current job and the people I work with, I just don't think it is the right place for me. The long weekend has offered me a little more time to think about it and come to a decision. The problem is what to do next. I really have no idea. I may still be re-starting my record label, but that is way in the future and will not be generating any money for some time after that. I need something short-term.

My previous job hunting experience in Omaha was not too productive. I am either over-qualified for the job, or my experience is not the "right" kind of experience. I know one thing...sales is not the way to go for me. I'm just not a salesman. It takes a certain type of personality to succeed in sales, and I don't have it.

So, as I scour through the want ads and the online sites I need to come up with a new course of action. I need a job that is not commission-based, that pays well enough to live on, and offers me enough flexibility to pursue my other interests. On the surface, that doesn't sound so hard, right? Yet it is. I thought that moving back to my old hometwon would offer me more opportunities due to family connections, etc. It hasn't. I thought the job market here would be better than in a larger city like Tampa. It isn't. So this is where I stand now. The whole thing is making me depressed. What a shitty 4th of July...stuck inside having a mini-midlife crisis.

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