Thursday, July 7, 2005

Counting Down the Hours...

  • Pink Floyd reject $150 million for US tour. Apparently the Floyd guys must have more money than they need since they can reject this one out-of-hand. There was supposedly a bit of tension between David Gilmour and Roger Waters backstage at Live 8.
  • No more new music for Van Halen. Accoring to Sammy Hagar, it simply will not happen. He says the band tried a second record with Gary Cherrone, but ended it; then tried three times with David Lee Roth, it never happened; and the band spent three months w/ Hagar and they barely finished three songs. I'm okay with the band being over. Ihaven't liked them since '1984'.
  • Where did the missing $8.8 billion go in Iraq? The US media has been shamefully silent on this major scandal involving the Bush Administration and Coalition Provisional Authority "losing" nearly $9 billion. Why isn't Paul Bremer being asked to testify? Why isn't he being indicted? Oh, that's right, because the Republican-dominated Congress refuses to investigate corruption in the GOP. Now we have to rely on UK media to do the job. Sad. The rampant corruption inside the Bush Administration is almost as shocking as the media's refusal to investigate the story.
  • Gallery of blonde porn girl Tanya James with a sports motif.

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