Friday, June 3, 2005

O'Sexxy Factor: June 3, 2005

For today's O'Sexxxy Factor I bring you my favorite female rock star, Gwen Stefani.I have to admit that Gwen's band, No Doubt, is a serious guilty pleasure of mine. I should hate them, and I did for a long time. But when I heard the song "Hella Good," I had to just abandon my hatred of the band (shit, Gwen's panting and moaning make it worthwhile). That song is too fucking fun! Her solo career seems to be going pretty well, so I bet No Doubt is history. I think the band is much better, but her first solo single "What you Waiting For?" was pretty excellent.

Though Gwen sometimes get a little too carried away trying to look "different," she usually still looks spectacular. I'm feeling the simple short-shorts and bikini top thing she's sporting here at a recent MTV appearance. She puts female singers more than 10 years younger to shame!

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