Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday Monday (Is the Best I Could Do On Three Hours Sleep)

  • Nevermind the politics, here's the Sex Pistols (again). For some inexplicable reason, the Sex Pistols have decided to reform again. This time, the band will play at the Live 8 benefit concert. No one needs to see the Sex Pistols again, benefit or not. Rejected from the benefit -- Motely Crue and Meatloaf.
  • Molester suspected in 36,000 cases. This is one of the most disgusting criminal stories I have ever heard. This guy, Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller, has been molesting children for over 35 years, and has documented every abuse in a set of spiral notebooks. The notebooks contained codes relating to the type of abuse he inflicted on these kids. This guy should never see thew light of day again. Hopefully, some fellow inmate will torture and kill this loser in prison.
  • Elvis Costello to release music video DVD. Costello will release the DVD set in September, and it will feature 27 music videos along with over 70 mins. of extra footage. The extras include rare UK and US television appearances. Elvis himself wrote extensive liner notes and offers an audio commentary on the disc.
  • Incredible brunette named Sandra Shine.

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