Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Holy Shit! There are A Lot of Birthdays on June 15

First stop on the birthday train (no pun intended...think about it) is pornstar, California gubernatorial candidate, and friend of "W," Mary Carey. Mary has been in the media a lot lately due to her appearance at a Republican fundraiser in California where she got to meet the President. She turns 24 today. Next up is one of the original gangsta rappers, Ice Cube.Cube doesn't do as much rapping as he used to, but he has been keeping himself busy doing movies. Some of them are even good! Ice turns 36 today. Former "Friends" hottie Courteney Cox Arquette turns 41 today. She hasn't been really active lately, but maybe she's been too busy counting all her money! Country music legend and all-around badass Waylon Jennings turns 68 today. I just read a great biography of Waylon and found out that he actually replaced Buddy Holly for a while in the Crickets after Holly died. Hmmmm. Last up is former New York governor (and the man who should have been President) Mario Cuomo. This elder statesman of the Democratic Party turns 73 today.Happy birthday to all these fine folks.

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