Thursday, June 9, 2005


Somehow I blew out my car speakers this morning (at least the two in the front). This sucks ass! There are lots of things I want to spend my money on, car speakers are not among them. I think I know how I did it. Last night while driving home from the gym, I had my stereo turned up to somewhere approaching full-blast. I pulled into my garage and turned the car off but not the stereo. When I got into my car this morning, I plugged my mp3 player in and started the car. The music came pouring out of the speakers at a shocking level (it's a lot louder sounding at 7:30 am) and almost immediately the speakers sounded fucked up. At first I thought it might be the song I had on -- something from the new Sleater-Kinney which is very loud and distorted -- but the next one and the next one after that still sounded off. Looks like my next purchase will be car speakers. Guess I can delay that new laptop some more (and the $$ for a new designer for this blog).

Let's see, what else is pissing me off today....well, this for one:I know it's hard to read here, but this is the government's initial report on global warming and its absolutely certain cause: greenhouse gas emissions. First off, if you are one of those that say global warming "needs more study" or "is liberal propaganda" stop reading immediately. Go to someone else's blog. You are an idiot, plain and simple. The only scientists that dispute the link between greenhouse gases and global warming (or that deny global warming exists) are those bought and paid for by the energy companies. Anyways, this is a copy of the report prior to its release to the public. The cross-outs and notes are from one Phillip Cooley, who serves as the Chief of Staff on the Bush Administartion's Council on Environmental Quality. Prior to getting this gig, Mr. Cooley was a lobbyist for the energy industry. His "changes" were made for the express purpose of casting doubt on the validity of global warming and it's causes. Add this to the fact (revealed yesterday, but known since 2001) that Exxon Mobil's virtually unrestricted access to the Bushes was the reason behind the Adminsitartion's refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocol. Bush and Co. and Exxon have both publicly denied these meetings ever took place. So that pisses me off because this was known and stated by environmental groups in 2001, but the conservative-dominated media refused to cover the story.

I'm also pissed that I don't get to have sex with Anita Dark today (or any other day). I'd settle for some spooning, though. I'm more pissed about the obsessively religious nature of the political debate today. It seems that everyone is so afraid to confront the Republican party. Rather than arguing a point, religious conservatives (who control the Republican party agenda) claim their stances are based on their religion. As such, they cannot possibly be wrong. If you disagree, then you are attacking their religion. I'm sorry, but even if your political stances ARE based on your interpretation of your religion, you are still required to actually defend those positions. Saying you support a horribly unqualified judge like William Pryor for the federal bench because he is a Christian is not enough. If I say I oppose him because he has argued against the Americans With Disabilites Act, argued that the US Congress cannot create civil rights laws that apply to states, or that he was the lone state attorney general to file a brief in favor of the Supreme Court hearing the Bush v. Gore case (an obvious contradiction to his "state's rights" philosophy), those are points that can be debated. Conservatives stop the argument entirely by claiming my oppostion is religious bigotry.

If you want to call me religiously bigoted, then do it based on this story (click here). These religious whackos (and that's what they are) are denying their child radiation treatments and a blood transfusion for her cancer because of their religious beliefs. These idiots claim they are making a case for parental rights, and it has nothing to do with their membership in some christian cult called Church of God. Figures they are from Texas....

I'm pissed about a lot more, but I don't want to end up smacking somebody (I'm at work so that could be problematic). Tomorrow night is a great show featuring three of my favorite local bands. That should release all this pent up negative energy. But Anita Dark, if you're reading, I'd skip the concert for that spooning.

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Tedj said...

SPeakers isn't really an issue with me, not to say I don't like music. I have to hold teh plug for my headphones a certain way otherwise I only here sound in one ear. Lame I am, poor not, lazy yes