Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hello Contessa Brewer Fans

Over the last few weeks I have noticed a rather large sized spike in the number of people visiting this blog. This spike can be attributed to one person...Contessa Brewer. More than 25% of total traffic is coming from search queries involving Contessa Brewer and "naked" "nude" "bikini" "dating" "black men" "sex" and occassionally "imus." Unfortunately, I have no sex pictures of this newsbabe. If that's all you want, I can't help you. Also, I have no inside information on either Don Imus or WFAN. But now that you're here, take a minute and look around. Hopefully, there are enough nearly naked pictures of other women to keep your attention. Feel free to leave comments or drop me an email. It is always appreciated. And Contessa...you know how to reach me, baby. Let's get this thing going already.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oooh Tessa' you are such a hot sexy brick house.
I could spend a week exploring your big, thick luscious bod!!!
I bet you've got so much stamina.
Love it when you wear a skimpy skirt, cuz' your gams are gorgeous!!